Joseph Gordon-Levitt is NOT Alberto Falcone in the Dark Knight Rises?


EW, quoting unnamed “inside sources”, says that’s very much the case, though they conveniently refrain from saying who Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be playing in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rise”. Mind you, they don’t even say that they know who he’ll be playing, but they are calling the previous reports “incorrect”. Odd, that. So do they know or don’t they, or are they being hoodwinked?

In case you missed it, a previous report from Variety had Gordon-Levitt officially signed on to co-star in “The Dark Knight Rises” alongside his “Inception” co-star Tom Hardy (playing Bane), and that Gordon-Levitt’s character is that of Alberto Falcone, son of Carmine Falcone, played by Tom Wilkinson in “Batman Begins”.

I guess we’ll know for sure when Warner releases their press release sometime in the future.

Author: Nix

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  • ulik

    Like Dedpool said before, I wouldn’t want this movie to be convoluted either. It can get cluttered but Nolan did have a very large cast that was very well balanced in TDK. This seems to be a bigger cast even still. I don’t think that Nolan would pick a sort of “minor” or background character for JGL to play.But who knows, even a minor or background character can shine.

  • Icwatudidthar

    He will either play The Holiday Killer, or Jean-Paul Vally. Considering Nolan is introducing Bane(The man who broke the Bat) he should add in Jean-Paul Vally. Jean-Paul stands in as batman since Bruce’s back is broken, eventually Bruce recovers and reclaims the role as batman because Jean Paul ends up killing some random villian

    • Dedpool

      Nah. Too busy. With Bane, Catwoman and the end of a trilogy I don’t think they’d go that route.

      Sent on the go.

  • Lexavi80

    I seriously doubt he’ll play Jean-Paul Vally. If they go that way it’ll be better he plays Dick Grayson or Tim Drake, or even Jason Todd. If he’s back’s broken and someone replace him for a while I think Jason Todd can step up and be killed. Not everybody can do what Batman do.

    Anyway, I stand what I said before… I hope he plays a good guy. Too many bad guys as it is.

    • Dedpool

      Hey now! Jason over Dick? I think not! Dick can and currently IS doing what Batman does so there! =-P

  • Lexavi80

    Not argue there. I want to see Dick Grayson doing shit SO bad, but what I wrote before was in sight that this is Chris Nolan’s territory. He’s made really cool twist with the characters and they fit.