Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Undead

The rights for S.G. Browne’s romantic zombie comedy novel “Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament” were bought and optioned as soon as the book actually made it into print. Diablo Cody is going to produce the film from a script by Geoff LaTulippe (“Going the Distance”). That was all the news until now.

Apparently the script is finished, and there are some casting rumors. The current gossip around the water cooler is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who I can finally take seriously as an actor after “Inception”, and Scarlett Johansson, who I can’t, are both “loosely attached” to the film. The key word here is “loosely”.

The movie is a romantic comedy about Andy, a dead man who discovers himself newly re-animated as a mid-aged, decaying zombie who must figure out what it means to live as an Un-dead in a society that denies his kind basic rights.

I have mixed feelings about anything where zombies are supposed to be cognizant. In my mind having thoughts, emotions, and the ability to rationalize, disqualifies you as a zombie. I had the same issues with David Wellington’s “Monster” trilogy.

Maybe I’m just an elitist horror snob. That accusation has certainly been lobbed around before. But I’m also all for people pushing genre boundaries, so perhaps this will be good, and I’ll be able to set aside my purist leanings and enjoy the film.