Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Peeps Deny Batman Rumors

Unless you suffer from some serious bouts of ADD, then you will remember that this morning we reported on rumors that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would take up the cape and cowl in the upcoming “Justice League” movie that Warner Bros. is cooking up over there in Warner Bros. land. Not only that, but Gordon-Levitt’s Batman would might get a post-credit tease similar to how Marvel introduced Nick Fury and their interconnected superhero universe at the end of “Iron Man”.

Granted, the whole thing was highly flimsy and one of those, “We heard from someone who we can’t name” type of deal, but apparently it was major enough that Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s people have come out to officially deny the rumor.

Rumor squashed, right? Well, not really. This wouldn’t be the first time an actor’s representatives have come out to deny something that they knew to be true. I’m just saying: Hollywood is full of people doing whatever it takes to keep the guy who is paying their bills happy. Denying or confirming rumors, even when they’re true/false, comes with the paycheck.

But hey, that’s an update on this morning’s story. Do with it what you will.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Movie Image

Via : EW