Joseph Kosinski is Entering the Twilight Zone

Joseph Kosinski on the set of Oblivion (2013) Movie Image

I’ve been hearing about Hollywood’s desire to turn the “Twilight Zone” TV series into a big-budget movie for a while now, but so far nothing has come from that desire.

The latest movement on the project (which will be produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, if that matters to you) has “Oblivion” and “Tron: Legacy” director Joseph Kosinski in talks to get behind the camera. Since Kosinski is a sci-fi guy, and loves the genre, it sounds like a match made in Heaven.

According to The Wrap, Kosinski’s attachment also means that the movie is now “being redeveloped to suit Kosinski’s talents.”

Not sure what that means. What, make it more sci-fi-y? The franchise is already sci-fi-y.

As a fan of the old TV show (and some of the newer incarnations), I’m not sure what the point of making a “Twilight Zone” movie is. To be perfectly honest with you, I’d much rather see another TV show. Perhaps on one of those premium cable channels like Starz or Cinemax, where we can really dive into the repercussions of anal probing.