Josh Brolin Doesn’t Know if he’s Jonah Hex or Not

According to actor Josh Brolin (“W.”, “No Country for Old Men”), he may or may not be Jonah Hex in the comic book Western of the same name as previously reported. Well, okay, he thinks the character is interesting, and he kinda likes the writer/director team of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, but he just doesn’t know yet, because, apparently, Josh Brolin has a hard time making up his mind about, you know, stuff. Of course, there have never been any official announcements, merely what a movie blog said in October, so I wouldn’t be surprise of Brolin passed on the project. Although it does appear as if he’s seriously considering it. Jonah Hex, or something Tony Scott is doing, apparently.

Collider has the inside dope from Brolin himself during a press junket:

Q: You will be playing a comic book character soon. You’re doing Jonah Hex, right?

Josh: Nope.

Q: You’re not doing Jonah Hex?

Josh: Don’t know yet.

Have you had meetings with Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor?

Josh: No.

Q: Do you want to?

Josh: Don’t know. I have a very tough time deciding, except for “Milk.” I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t know.

So what I got from that is, he’s been offered the job and it’s his if he wants it. He’s also leaning towards it, but he hasn’t made up his mind yet. I think Brolin would probably make a great Jonah Hex, and like he goes on to say, it’s definitely a “risky” role, and that also appeals to him.

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