Josh Brolin is Officially Oldboy’s Revenge-Minded Badass

Josh BrolinWell, there were a lot of candidates for the job (some more excellent than others — Christian Bale, for one; and on the other side of the planet, Will Friggin Smith), but as it turns out, Josh Brolin, perhaps looking to rebound from some major clunkers after his breakthrough turn in “No Country for Old Men”, has officially boarded Mandate Pictures’ Spike Lee-directed remake of the South Korean revenge thriller “Oldboy”.

In the film, Brolin would play an ordinary man who is snatched off the streets and held captive for 15 years in a private prison without explanation. One day he’s mysteriously released, after which he goes in search of his captors for some good old fashioned payback.

Who knows if the film will end up using the same title (“Oldboy” just sounds … strange when it’s not an Asian movie, don’t you think?), but Deadline says Lee will be directing from a script by “I am Legend’s” Mark Protosevich.

The 2003 original was directed by Park Chan-wook, and was part of his “Vengeance” trilogy of films centered around the theme of, well, vengeance. It was a major hit in South Korea as well as Internationally, and as a result a redo has been rumored for years now. Thanks to Remake Kings Roy Lee and Doug Davison, who have yet to spot an Asian movie they didn’t want to remake, an American version of “Oldboy” is now closer to reality.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…