Josh Brolin is the Man in Black

josh-brolinWhereas Men in Black ended on a great note, the sequel kind of felt shoehorned and needless. But since the sequel is already out there, there can’t be any harm in making a third film, right? At least that helps me sleep at night. Production on Men in Black 3 is already beginning for a potential 2011 release. While Will Smith has expressed interest in returning, the LA Times is now reporting that Josh Brolin is being considered for a part in the film. There are a few possible rumors mentioned: Agent K (the Tommy Lee Jones character) as a younger man, Agent K’s successor, or something else entirely. Not much else is known about the film besides the fact that Etan Cohen (Tropic Thunder) is writing the script.

Brolin’s career arc is kind of strange. He has been around for over twenty years but gets better with age, and he has been so ubiquitous lately that it seems like he’s starring in at least one best picture Oscar nominee a year – he nearly won a supporting actor Oscar for his work on Milk. He even does a competent Dubya. Yet it doesn’t seem like he is totally in the public consciousness. If Brolin has a major part in Men in Black 3, then that will help put him there. Jonah Hex, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, Wall Street 2, Cartel, and the Coen brothers remake of True Grit are all upcoming films for Brolin that either await release or will eventually start shooting soon. If he’s not careful, he might be known as a hard-worker.