Josh Brolin May or May Not be Fighting Dinosaurs in Jurassic World

Josh Brolin

I think Josh Brolin’s name has been attached to the lead role in Colin Trevorrow’s upcoming “Jurassic World” (the fourth in the dino series, for those of you keeping track at home) for Universal for a while now, but none of the trades have really been comfortable enough to actually run with the story.

The Wrap has decided it feels good enough that they’re now reporting that Brolin is being “eyed” by the studio to take the lead in “Jurassic World”. There are apparently no offers on the table yet, though the trade says it’s expected to come shortly and that Brolin is expected to say Yes.

If he does sign on the dotted line, he’ll join “Spider-Man 3’s” Bryce Dallas Howard, along with “Insidious” tyke Ty Simpkins in fleeing rampaging dinosaurs trying to snack on him.

No one knows what “Jurassic World” will be about, but given the title, it’s probably going to involve the opening of a dino theme park that will, inevitably, go awry. Which sort of brings it full circle with the first film, which was about someone trying to open a dino themed park, but then stuff just sort of got way out of control. That’ll learn’em to mess with Mother Nature.

“Jurassic World” arrives in June 12, 2015.

Brolin can next be seen seeking vengeance against the very human variety in Spike Lee’s “Oldboy”: