Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, and Every Other Leading Man in Hollywood up for Batman


Superman and Batman by Alex Ross

You know, if I was a more conniving blogger, I would totally come up with my own (non-existent) “sources” and claim to know who the studio or director Zack Snyder is considering to play Batman in his as-yet-untitled upcoming Batman-Superman movie.

See, the genius about these “scoops” is that you throw out a bunch of caveats beforehand, and because the movie is in such an early stage of development, once actual casting begins and people are slotted in roles, who would actually remember that you threw out a bunch of names all those many months (and in some cases, years) ago? But you’d know — cause of all the sweet, sweet traffic and link backs you’d have gotten for the, oh, day or two after you posted your “scoop”.

(I’m just saying. I could totally do that and get away with it.)

Batman by Alex RossAnyways. So word around the Batcave in recent days has Warner Bros. looking to pair 30-something Mr. Henry Cavill’s Superman up against a grizzled, older Batman. One that has been around, knows a thing or two about fighting evil and could, presumably, be ready for a major throwdown with the Big Blue Boyscout should it come to it.

According to THR, there are a few names currently on the studio’s list. Yes, this is coming from an industry trade like THR, so I’m assuming they’ll have more to lose (like, say, journalistic respect or sumthin’) if they are totally off base here and their sources prove to be janitors on the night shift at Warner Bros.

THR says Josh Brolin is the frontrunner for the role. Of the guys supposedly being wooed or being considered for the role, Brolin is the oldest of the bunch at 45. He would be 46 by the time the movie goes into production next year, and 47 by the time it opens. Now I’m not saying an old dude can’t play Batman. In fact, if Snyder is indeed thinking about doing a “The Dark Knight Returns” style movie (he is scheduled to meet with “Returns'” creator Frank Miller, after all), featuring an old, aging Batman who still has plenty of fight left in him, Brolin would be the perfect choice.

Brolin is an insanely good actor, and he’s already done a Frank Miller movie — he’s staring in “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For”, based on the comic book by Miller, who is co-directing the picture with Robert Rodriguez. It would be one hell of a choice, but you’ll have an easier time convincing me your grandmama’s an alien before you convince me Hollywood isn’t obsessed with youth.

Josh Brolin in Sin City A Dame to Kill For (2014) Movie Image

The other big name on the list is Ryan Gosling, who is in his early ’30s. I think Gosling is on everyone’s wish list at the moment, but he doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who would do a big comic book movie. He’s long been attached to the “Logan’s Run” remake, but that movie has been in development seemingly forever, and until I actually see a marquee poster with him on it, I don’t believe it’ll ever actually happen.

Then again, if you need brooding done right, Gosling is your man, hands down.

Ryan Gosling in Only God Forgives (2013) Movie Image

Other possible names include “True Blood’s” Joe Manganiello, “The Hobbit’s” Richard Armitage, “Watchmen’s” Matthew Goode, and “Pacific Rim’s” Max Martini.

Of all the “other” contenders, I’d love for Martini to get the gig. I’ve been a fan of this guy since “The Unit”, and I thought he was shamefully underused in “Pacific Rim”.

Max Martini in Pacific Rim (2013) Movie Image

All of this, of course, is vastly premature. Zack Snyder’s Batman/Superman film won’t be released until Summer 2015, which means it’ll have to cast and be in production by early 2014 or thereabouts. A film like this will take a LOT of prep time, so you can probably expect to hear a new actor playing Batman by the end of this year. Unless, of course, they can convince Christian Bale to come back.

2015 is still a heck of a long way off, and THR reminds us that the script is still being written.

It’s curious, though, that Warner Bros. is even thinking about an older Batman. Again, you’d have an easier time convincing me Kim Kardashian has actual talent before you convince me Hollywood movie studios aren’t obsessed about casting younger and younger franchise stars. But hey, stranger things have happened…

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  • clarkspark

    Josh Brolin would be my choice. He can bulk up easily too. Check Oldboy. Props for mentioning The Unit, one of my favorite shows.

    • Nix

      I love that show. Even when they started getting into the weeds with the conspiracy stuff.

  • a.k.a. Nate

    I too think Brolin would be a fitting ‘Dark Knight Returns’ Batman….especially after watching the 2 part animated film recently…. I’m assuming that also means he’ll be extremely established already in the upcoming sequels.

  • Bret Measor

    What about Jon Hamm or Ian McShane? I could see them both being the playboy and the grizzled vet in the batsuit.

  • Antonio Basara

    i don`t think they are gonna go with a 45+ year old batman… i mean, they are just getting started, why would they use a veteran Batman???? they will make a Superman/Batman movie (or whatever it will be called), use an older batman (your favorite is Josh Brolin who is almost 50) and than what? by the time they make the Justice league movie, he will be 50, by the time the make a few more batman and justice league movies, he will be 60 LOL… it doesn`t make sense since they will be reebooting batman and since they are just starting with the justice league movies!!! they should (and logic dictates that they probably will) go with a 30 or so Batman.

    P.S. In my humble opinion, Josh Brolin is the worst idea ever for Batman, no matter how good of an actor he is :D

  • 0ptik

    In Dark Knight Returns, Superman and Batman were old friends, there is a history between them, also, the Justice League should have Batman as the veteran and be in control like most incarnations of the group but if you put him as an old skinny guy, it wont be believable, so with that, i dont think they should go with that story line.

    in addition, their audition is not done with batman, after Superman/Batman, and the Justice League movie, they will probably try to get a solo movie out of it. and since we got powers now, maybe they’ll introduce a heavy hitter like Killer Croc.

  • Juggernaut

    Brolin would be great! I was always partial to Eric Bana as an older Batman myself.
    Gossling I just do not see. Some of the other candidates like Richard Armitage and Matthew Goode I could see pulling off though. It will be an interesting couple of months.

  • Aegon the Conqueror

    I’d actually love for Richard Armitage to land the role, he did a fair amount if awesome brooding in the Hobbit and he certainly has the range and talent to play both Bruce and Batman.

  • Boomer

    Jesus Christ, they may as well cast Jason Bateman as Batman and Michael Cera as Robin.

    • Juggernaut

      I actually remember hearing thet Bateman and Michael J. Fox were up for the role of Robin in a proposed third sequel to Tim Burton’s Batman with Robin Williams set to play The Riddler. Ah, what might have been!

  • Juggernaut

    What about Ryan Gossling as Aquaman or Flash?!

    • clarkspark

      I dig that.

  • Dedpool

    Armitage is the best of the list if you ask me. Goode could possibly pull it off if he bulked up, and Manganiello fits the physicality of the role. Those are my top 3 choices. All older but not too old.
    Brolin unfortunately is too old at this point, unless we’re going Dark knight Returns and even then I’d rather Stephen Lang. Martini is too old as well, but he’d be my second choice for TDKR Batman.
    Gosling is a better fit for the Flash really.

    • clarkspark

      Brolin too old? Naaah. THey are clearly pulling from Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns. Also Snyder is meeting with Miller who will consult on the movie. My guess is they’ll want a seasoned, grittier Batman. Not the neutered Nolan Batman. Btw Stephen Lang would make a really scary Batman. lool

      • Juggernaut

        If we’re going full on The Dark Knight Rises I vote for Richard Burgi (Hostel II, Friday The 13th remake)

      • Dedpool

        They are pulling ideas, from it but they can’t really pull too much as the story has both of them having been friends in the past (Still are to a point, only reason why either of them lives through the fight) but a veteran Batman doesn’t necessarily mean a Batman that is thatmuch older. He could’ve been 25 when he started and has been going for 10 years or so when the film starts. Cavill is a young looking 30, get someone that can look like they’ve been throuh the ringer but can still be a pretty boy and there’s your veteran Batman. I like Brolin but a 50 year old Batman and a 30 year old Superman would just be wierd. And would be made even worse when they do Justice League and Batman is the old man of the group. Sticking with my picks Stapleton (maybe 300 sequel will give him a boost), and Armitage.
        As for Lang being Batman, TDKR is supposed to be a scary Batman.