Josh Hartnett as Daredevil?

Daredevil Comic BookHey, could happen. Or perhaps, would-be “Daredevil” reboot director David Slade hopes it will happen. Or perhaps that’s just everyone reading way too much into a brief Twitter exchange between Slade and a follower recently. Twitter is really a bad way to sniff out truth from fiction, as it’s so easy and readily available that people tend to tweet without thinking about it first. Happens all the time. A controversial tweet appears, then disappears a moment later when it gets picked up and blown out of proportion.

Having said that — I think Josh Hartnett as Matt Murdock aka Daredevil wouldn’t be the worst idea out there.

So when did Hartnett and Daredevil come up? In this exchange between Slade and a Twitter follower:

Why is this very possible? Because there’s a familiarity between Slade and Hartnett, the duo having worked together previously on Slade’s 2007 adaptation of “30 Days of Night”. Slade might have seen up close and personal what kind of actor Hartnett is and what he’s capable of physically.

The only problem I can see with casting Harnett? The studio may not be so interested. After all, Hartnett hasn’t exactly been in a lot of big movies since, well, 2007’s “30 Days of Night”, having spent most of his time on low-profile films with limited theatrical possibilities ike “I Come with the Rain” and “Bunraku”. If Slade really wanted Hartnett for Matt Murdock, he would have to really convince Fox.

Josh Hartnett in 30 Days of Night (2007) Movie Image

Via : Empire