Josh Hutcherson and Dane Cook Must Survive Murder in Detention

It wasn’t all that long ago that a lot of film executives got it into their heads that it was a clever idea to give guys who made their bones directing 5-minute flashy music videos the chance to direct feature-length films. Most of those directors crashed and burned, but some actually came through alright. Joseph Kahn didn’t exactly light the world on fire with his first movie, the motorcycle flick “Torque”, though admittedly I enjoyed it enough, if just because the subject matter — sports bike — appealed to me, being a former rider and all.

So, Kahn’s got a new movie up his sleeve: the horror/comedy “Detention”, which will star Josh Hutcherson, the kid who lost out on the Spidey gig to the old British guy. Instead, Hutcherson will be producing and starring in “Detention” alongside comedian Dane Cook. Yeah, not exactly the best consolation prize, but hey, maybe Cook will do that flopping around on stage thing that he calls comedy.

The plot of “Detention” has Hutcherson playing one of a group of high school teens (though the lead is apparently a female, making her The Final Girl) trying to survive their final year of high school while stuck in detention on prom night. The problem is, a killer from a slasher movie is trying very hard to make sure they never make it past prom night by killing them, which is, well, a pretty effective way to prevent someone from doing something, I’d say.

According to Bloody-Disgusting, the film is said to be in the vein of the “Scream” films, which probably means plenty of post-modern hipness to go along with the gratuitous violence and, one presumes, a little T&A. And apparently time travel will become involved in the plot somehow. No idea how that’ll work, but the title “Back of the Future” is mentioned.

“Detention” is budgeted at $10 million, making it a pretty low-budget movie by Hollywood standards, and commences shooting next month in Los Angeles. Kahn (below) will direct from a script that he co-wrote.