Josh Lucas and Lynn Collins to Front A&E’s Occult TV Series

Josh Lucas in THE FIRMThe Occult Crime Task Force (aka “O.C.T”) is gearing up at A&E, after the network cast its two main leads. Josh Lucas and Lynn Collins, two actors you usually find on the big screen, will be giving the small screen a try in the show, since titled simply “Occult”.

Essentially a take on Fox’s long-lasting “X-Files”, the new cable show would find Lucas playing Mulder — er, I mean, an FBI agent name Dolan who “returns from administrative leave after going off the deep end while investigating his wife’s disappearance.”

This wouldn’t be Lucas’ first foray into TV. He starred in the TV version of “The Firm”, which lasted for one season on NBC.

Lucas will co-star alongside Lynn Collins (“John Carter”), who will play Scully — er, I mean, Noa Blair, another FBI agent with her own “complicated backstory who specializes in the occult.”

I guess the angle here has the guy being the skeptic and the girl being the true believer. Together, they will investigate the paranormal on a weekly basis for the FBI. No word if conspiracies will be afootin’ in the background, as they were afootin’ plenty in “The X-Files”.

Former “X-Files” writer/producer James Wong wrote the pilot, and Michael Bay is producing.

I am assuming this is the same show as “O.C.T: Occult Crimes Taskforce”, based on the comic book from co-creator Rosario Dawson that landed at A&E last year. If it is indeed the same show, it looks like it’s gotten a hell of a makeover (new title being just one of them). If it isn’t the same show, then A&E has two similarly-themed shows about the occult/paranormal on their schedule, which seems unlikely.

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Via : Deadline