Josh Trank Boards The Red Star

Josh TrankAnother day, another comic book property is announced as the next great movie. So what else is new?

The latest comic book to get the movie treatment is Christian Gossett’s “The Red Star”, a series set in an alternate USSR where futuristic technology co-mingles with magic. The hero is a Red Fleet soldier who rises up against the ruling State.

But the big news here isn’t that another comic book is getting adapted for the big screen, but that “Chronicle” director Josh Trank has signed on the dotted line to develop and then direct the movie for Warner Bros and producer Neal Moritz.

I know what you’re thinking: so where does that leave “Venom”, a movie that Trank was also attached to direct? Turns out, he’s just in talks to pick up “Venom”, and hasn’t signed anything yet. Which is damn disappointing, as the idea of a “Venom” movie is about 100% more interesting to me than some alternate universe movie about the Soviet Union and magic. (Trank, we’re told, was at one point also in actual talks to helm the “Fantastic Four” reboot.)

In any case, Jason Rothenberg will write the script for “The Red Star”.

The Red Star Comic Book

Via : Deadline