Josh Trank in Talks to Direct the Venom Movie

Director Josh Trank on the set of Chronicle (2012) Movie Image

Ever since he showed off what he could do with a superhero movie on a low budget via “Chronicle”, director Josh Trank has been rumored for a variety of superhero movie gestating in and around Hollywood. Trank has always denied those rumors, though, but here’s one that doesn’t just say the studio is interested in Trank, but that he’s in talks to board a certain, oozing character.

And that movie? “Venom”.

Topher Grace in Spider-Man 3 (2007) Movie ImageThe LATimes’ 24 Frames is not in the business of passing off gossip as news, so when they say that Trank is already in negotiations to helm the “Spider-Man” spin-off, it behooves us to take it with more of a grain of salt than if it had originated from one of the movie blogs out there. Of course, “negotiations” could mean anything, so it’s not concrete by any means.

Trank’s “Chronicle”, made for a cheap $12 million, has already raked in $60 million at the domestic box office, and more than $104 million worldwide. Besides being well-received by both critics and moviegoers, the film is a bona fide sleeper hit, one of those “out of nowhere” movies that made Trank an instant hot director.

The character of Venom, of course, was first introduced in Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 3”. The character was an alien symbiote that arrived on Earth via meteorite, promptly took over Spider-Man (turning him evil), before jumping host bodies to reporter Eddie Brock (played by Topher Grace). Since then, the character has been languishing in development hell since 2008, when, of all people, Gary Ross was attached to write and direct, before he eventually jumped ship.

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