Josh Trank in Talks to Direct the Venom Movie


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Ever since he showed off what he could do with a superhero movie on a low budget via “Chronicle”, director Josh Trank has been rumored for a variety of superhero movie gestating in and around Hollywood. Trank has always denied those rumors, though, but here’s one that doesn’t just say the studio is interested in Trank, but that he’s in talks to board a certain, oozing character.

And that movie? “Venom”.

Topher Grace in Spider-Man 3 (2007) Movie ImageThe LATimes’ 24 Frames is not in the business of passing off gossip as news, so when they say that Trank is already in negotiations to helm the “Spider-Man” spin-off, it behooves us to take it with more of a grain of salt than if it had originated from one of the movie blogs out there. Of course, “negotiations” could mean anything, so it’s not concrete by any means.

Trank’s “Chronicle”, made for a cheap $12 million, has already raked in $60 million at the domestic box office, and more than $104 million worldwide. Besides being well-received by both critics and moviegoers, the film is a bona fide sleeper hit, one of those “out of nowhere” movies that made Trank an instant hot director.

The character of Venom, of course, was first introduced in Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 3″. The character was an alien symbiote that arrived on Earth via meteorite, promptly took over Spider-Man (turning him evil), before jumping host bodies to reporter Eddie Brock (played by Topher Grace). Since then, the character has been languishing in development hell since 2008, when, of all people, Gary Ross was attached to write and direct, before he eventually jumped ship.

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  • LionHeart

    I have absolute faith in this man doing Venom.

  • Juggernaut

    I haven’t seen ‘Chronicle’ yet but I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. As for Venom returning, I’m all for it as long as it’s done right. His appearance in ‘Spider-Man 3′ was terrible. Besides Topher Grace, who I thought made a great Ultimate Eddie Brock, there was hardly any screen time for the character and what he did get wasn’t too impressive.
    With a new and promising Spidey franchise started it would be a good idea for a Sony follow up. Although, initially the symbiote was fused with Parker in the comics they could come up with something to have the host be Eddie or even Mac Gargan. Rehashing that arc in a Spider-Man sequel would be a mistep. Even if it was four plus years ago it was already done. Take a page out of Fox’s book and change the cannon to suit the needs of the movie masses!

    • Dedpool

      I say go with the current Flash Thompson version or something along those lines. Do a opening credit sequence where you allude to what’s happened before. “My name is Eugene. I used to be a football star, then a soldier. I was decorated with the purple heart. I lost my legs to get it. I always wanted to be a hero, and this was my second chance. An alien sybiote bonded with a friend of mine. Friendly neighborhood guy, was known around the way as a hero. He was my inspiration. The alien was taking over so he got rid of it but it found a new host and he couldn’t handle it he became known as Venom. Now it’s in the hands of the government, and they want use it as they see fit, but I’ve seen first hand what it can do, and I know the type they want to use for the host…So I stole it…now I’m on the run with it keeping a promise I made to my friend and trying to be a protector of the innocent. A lethal protector.” Yeah i know, kinda corny, but I was trying to allude without using Spiderman.

      • Juggernaut

        That would be perfect! If it became a series they could incorporate Mac and even do Carnage down the line in the vein of what Marvel is doing with The Avengers. It could culminate in a Spider-centric blockbuster!

        • Dedpool

          Yeah I just thought going with the Flash Thompson version allows the character to be the hero, but still allows for the darker side of heroics. Some good dark humor, throw in Jack O’Lantern and man it could be interesting. I like where they’re taking the character.

    • Nix

      Dude, seriously? How could you be such a comic book guy and NOT seen Chronicle yet…????

      • Dedpool

        Nor have I but that’s simply because the movie came and went here before I could get myself to the theatre.

        • Lexavi80

          Bommer! The movie was VERY intense!

      • Juggernaut

        I have been super busy the last few months. I haven’t seen Chronicle or Ghostrider 2 ):O(

        • Dedpool

          Ain’t missing much with GR 2. Seriously. I mean it had some pretty cool moments but thats it, everything inbetween was crap. And Idris Elba is wasted. As is Cirian Hinds.

      • Juggernaut

        On a happier note, I picked up some really cool toys last night!!! I got four of the six Avenger Mini Muggs (Ironman, Thor, Nick Fury and Hawkeye. I still need Hulk and Cap. No Black Widow though?) I also grabbed a bunch of Marvel Universe action figures (Black suit Daredevil variant, Days of Thunder Thor variant, House of M Spider-Man variant, Bullsyeye Hawkeye variant, Black Widow, Havok and X-23, Silver Samurai Vs. Wolverine two-pack, Foundation Fantastic Four variant four-pack with Reed, Sue, Ben and Herbie and the X-Force three-pack with Wolverine, Warpath and Deadpool!)

        • Dedpool

          Awesome indeed!!

  • Tim Frano Duplica

    Ever since I saw Venom the first time (I was like 11-13?) it became my most favorite Marvel character. The last couple of years I’ve been hoping for a movie to be made about him (not like that Spider-Man 3 fuckup they did with Venom and Topher Grace). So I hope they do a better job this time and make a big and bad Venom and for crying out loud DO NOT go with the Flash Thompson storyline!!!!!! Give us a dark villain movie with a nasty and brutal monster. There are so many storylines like “Hunger” or “Lethal Protector”. Just, don’t fuck this one up, Hollywood :(

  • FH1

    I’m just praying they do this movie right. Expecting the worst and hoping for the best seems to be the safe way to go when it comes to Venom.
    Topher was an abysmal choice for Venom. I thought it was a joke when I first heard it. Utterly terrible. Ironically, the guy who played Sandman (Hayden Church?) would have been a great Eddie Brock.
    But for this new movie, he better be HUGE, he better be TOOTHY and SLOBBERY, slightly sick in the head, and he better refer to himself as “we”. Hopefully they’ll use the Erik Larsen art for reference and if they can get Carnage into the movie as well….oh baby. I think Kletus should be played by Carrot Top……(ok that last part was a joke). lol.