Josh Trank’s The Fantastic Four Reboot Has Found its Foursome


Kate Mara, Michael Jordan, Jamie Bell, and Miles Teller

For those of you waiting with bated breath to see what Josh Trank and Fox have in store for you when they reboot “The Fantastic Four” next year, well, here’s something to help with that wait. The main cast has been filled, with Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell scheduled to suit up.

Perhaps the most not-at-all-surprising casting is Jordan’s, who starred in Trank’s “Chronicle,” and was rumored to be playing Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch since I was in diapers. He is, indeed, going to be flaming on in the reboot, and will be joined by Kate Mara (“House of Cards” and the upcoming “Transcendence”), who will be playing Sue Storm.

Obviously the two, er, don’t look anything alike, but hey, they made Perry White black in “Man of Steel,” so I don’t see why they couldn’t do it to the ol Human Torch. Plus, Jordan is a fantastic actor with charisma to burn (heh), so chances are good he’ll hit it out of the park. Mara’s casting, on the other hand? Eh. Give her blonde hair and she’ll probably be an improvement over Jessica Alba. Then again, a rock would be an improvement over Jessica Alba, so maybe that’s not saying much.

Meanwhile, Miles Teller (“Project X”) will play (boy) genius Reed Richards, aka the amazingly stretchable Mister Fantastic. (Talk about thinking highly of yourself! Amirite?)

But the most interesting casting is Jamie Bell, who will be playing Ben Grimm, aka The Thing. Grimm is Richards’ best buddy, and together they, along with the Storms, go out into outer space and get superpowers. Unless, of course, they decide to switch up the origins for the reboot. Hey, it’s Hollywood, anything’s possible.

Trank, of course, will direct, with the film set for June 19, 2015. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to delay it. Unless, of course, Trank is further along on pre-production than we know.

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  • The Future

    The end of the superhero movies is near
    there is no longer a decent one, now or to come

    I’m not mad about it is just that they are getting bored
    everything is the same just bad comedy

  • Pietro Sala

    How can Kate Mara and Michael B Jordan be siblings?
    Ok, one of them could be adopted… they could have only one parent in common… but those solutions deeply change the relationship between the charachters…
    And I’m not even talking about the rumor of a female version of Dr Doom…

    I don’t know if this is going to work. Worst part, they want this to crossover with X-Men, the only franchise who fought and didn’t get a reboot after not one but two bad movies in a row and is rising from his ashes. Shame on you 20th century fox. Shame on you. u.u

    • Dedpool

      See that thinking right there is why people still have so much further to go with their thinking. My daughter has a great relationship with her siblings. They only have the mother in common, but we’re a big, mixed family. If anything them being half siblings, orone of them being adopted could strengthen the bond, especoa;;y depending on what back story they come up with.
      I just don’t see Bell as a Ben Grimm, but we’ll have to see what they do.

  • ErickKwon

    It would appear they’re going for a “First Class”/”Star Trek 2009″ style reboot, but while I’m not the biggest FF fan, but it always seemed important that Reed and Ben are notably older than Johnny and with the current cast looking so close in age, it really changes the relationship dynamics. And regardless of how they address the differences between Johnny and Sue, it would’ve been better to just cast a black actress as Sue (off the top of my head, Freema Agyeman).

    • Dedpool

      Ultimate FF were alll teens. Even Reed and Ben. And i agree that if they switched Johnny they should’ve switched Sue as well, but this takes the change a step further.

      • ErickKwon

        Ugh, thanks for reminding me I’m an old fogey still stuck in Earth-616 ways instead of 1610, but good to know there’s at least a blueprint the movie can work off of. It’s funny that Jordan’s casting will likely draw the most attention but as I said way back when his name was first brought up, if I had to choose someone from “Chronicle” to carryover into “FF”, he makes the most sense: Dane DeHaan (Andrew) is obviously off the table, and Alex Russell (Matt) was basically a discount Chris Evans to begin with

        • Dedpool

          I haven’t journeyed to the Ultimate U in a long long time. Since before Ultimatum, and the name change to Ultimate Comics. I only know of some of the developments with Spidey.
          And i agree 100% about Jordan.

  • Lexavi80

    You know, this might sound awful, but I really feel like sharing it:

    I hope this movie is extremely expensive and TANK at the box office. Hard! So hard that 21st Century Fox have to return the character rights back to Marvel.

    Yes… very troll-ish from me, I admit it. Even more because I like Bell and Jordan (not sure about the other two. Haven’t seen much of their work). BUT, I honestly think Marvel Studios can make better use of the first family AND the villain roster (Galactus, anyone?)

    • Dedpool

      No doubt about that. But here’s the thing. As a huge comic fan, and a fan of the films, I actually think it’s better that Marvel can’t use everyone. At least not yet. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is already getting pretty crowded, and to throw in the FF, Spidey, and more would just be insane. Would I love a crazy crossover with all those characters if done right? Of course, but hell it’s hard to do it right in the comics. I want this to succeed partly because of the hate and partly because I think it really deserves a chance. We’ll just have to see how it all works out.

    • Juggernaut

      I agree. There have been many adaptations of Marvel characters that have missed the mark one way or another over the years. The majority of those misteps were made by controlling studios that either tweaked certain aspects of the source material to try appeal to a wider adience.
      Those tweaks however compromise the very fabric of those stories and characters. Are there some things that can be changed? Sure. But why are they being changed at all? Don’t change things for the sake of changing them!
      I just truly do not understand that rationality! Is it inperitive to have Johhny Storm’s race altered? No. Will it add any depth or perspective to the story, specifically the story of one of the most iconic group of charatcers in the history of comics?! NO!!!
      The Fantastic Four has always been about the relationships between the four core members. There is the best friends dynamic between Reed and Ben, the unrequited (then consumated) love between Reed and Sue, the love hate relationship with Ben and Johnny and the brother/ sister bond in Sue and Johnny. That bond is something important to the effectivness in their arc. Does race factor into it? No. But if it isn’t an issue if they change him to an african american why is it an issue if they keep him caucasion?
      Why change it at all? It is unecessary.
      I highly doubt that the rights to Spider-man, The X-Men and the FF will ever go back to Marvel but if they were to by some miracle I could just imagine the films that we would get for them.
      Besides the whole race switcheroo there is the other three members who have been miscast.
      Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm?!? Have these people ever seen the character? Jamie Bell is a waifish brit with a blonde mop-top he has no resemblance at all to his comic counterpart! Everything I’ve ever seen Kate Mara in she has played a coniving, seductress or smart, confident tough girl. Sue is an insecure, girl next door type. She does change into a strong heroine later in the comics but initially she is not sure of herself which lends to the necessity of her team and allows her to step up when they depend on her. Teller could pass for a young Reed but he doesn’t quite fit the bill either. I suppose these people could do the impossible and turn in terrific performances that completely embody these characters but there should be a base from which they are beleivable to start with.
      Overall I am really underwhelmed and have extremely low expectations for this based on the choices so far. Hopefully they’ll prove me wrong.

      • Dedpool

        The reason to change it is simple, There is diversity in life. Most of the characters were created BEFORE there was real diversity in the industry. I truly do feel had some of these characters been created today they would’ve been a different race. Spectacular Spiderman for example changed Liz Allen to a Latina, nd Jean DeWolf black because NYC is a VERY diverse city and the idea that ALL of Peter’s close friends would be white in this day and age was unrealistic to the writers. All that said I don’t need characters changed, but I won’t be too upset as long as it works for the story.

  • venom_aa

    I’ll buy them the black human storm. But no way in hell i’m buying that soft looking kid as The Thing. No way, no sir. Even if they poured tons of makeup he wouldn’t look rude enough

  • ultra q

    The human torch should be latino.