Joss Whedon Calls Planet Hulk and Avengers Movie Rumors Nonsense


Planet Hulk Comic Book

I think everyone thought the idea of a “Planet Hulk” movie was pretty cool. I mean, the Hulk, shot into space and becomes a badass gladiator on an alien planet? Then he comes back to Earth and takes on the entire Marvel U.? Who wouldn’t want to see that?

Cool idea, but total “nonsense”, according to Joss Whedon, Marvel’s in-house mastermind for all things Marvel Movie U. and the writer/director of the upcoming “The Avengers 2″.

Speaking to IGN while out promoting his friends-get-together-to-make-a-movie movie “Much Ado About Nothing”, Whedon was asked about those Planet Hulk rumors and responded thusly:

Well I’m really not supposed to comment, but no, that’s nonsense.

So there you have it. No Planet Hulk movie, or World War Hulk movie in the third “Avengers” movie, and the guy who is in charge of the entire shebang should know, right?

Granted, Marvel is notoriously tight-lipped about their future plans, especially if it’s going to involve movies they haven’t even done yet, and don’t plan to do for another few years, but I think it’s safe to say Whedon knows where the Hulk is going, and apparently it’s not to his own planet.


Author: Nix

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  • danmillion99

    I will cry myself to sleep tonight…*sniff*

  • X_p

    it was a pretty dumb rumor to begin with.

    • Lexavi80

      Wouldn’t call it dumb, because I would have loooooove to see The Hulk destroying every single super hero u}in the Marvel Universe.

      I think they might go for it on Avengers 3, but no Planet Hulk in the middle. They will have to write something down to justify The Hulk going rogue.

  • More then just smashing

    I’ve read many marvel books. Some of them are boring for highschool student, some of them are fuckin good and PLANET HULK is one of my favorit if not my favorit. It would make a good movie. It put back in question manythings. Whoes bad, whoes good. American are always black and white in their movies, good or bad. But with Planet Hulk, I discover sommething more about the American Culture, something different then the tipical Hollywood movie that they show us in our theater. Mans are all good and bad and the hulk show it to you. Yes, it is a lot of smashing, but also a lot more. Planet Hulk is deeper, more sensitive, more intelligent then almost any other book. So it would be nonsense to don’t make that movie.