Joss Whedon Promises The Avengers 3D Won’t Suck

Cobie Smulders, Director Joss Whedon, and Samuel L. Jackson in The Avengers (2012) Movie Image

Hate 3D? Then yesterday’s news that “The Avengers” will be post-converted to 3D probably didn’t make your day. But wait! According to “Avengers” director Joss Whedon, he assures fanboys and fangirls and all fans in-between that the 3Dness of “The Avengers” will NOT suck.

The cult hero of Browncoats everywhere tells Joblo:

Whedon knew from the very beginning his film would eventually be converted to 3D saying he thought about the format “every second” while filming. Whedon is sensitive to the concerns of audiences admitting “there definitely are movies that shouldn’t be in 3D” while assuring fanboys “THE AVENGERS isn’t obnoxiously 3D.”

“There’s no, ‘Oh look, we’re going to spend 20 minutes going through this tunnel because it’s in 3D!’ And no one is pointing at the screen the entire time. But it’s an action movie. Things tend to hurtle toward the screen anyway.”

That’s a shame. I love 3D tunnels.

Whedon continues:

Yeah, it’s fun!…I’m not a big fan of extreme long lens, talky movies – I like to see the space I’m in and relate to it, so 3D kinda fits my aesthetic anyway. And the technology has advanced so far in the past couple years.

Damage control? The studio pushing Whedon out there to quell the fears of fandom? You decide.

One thing’s for sure, now we know why ol Capitan was throwing that shield of his down the alley right at us (:48 mark):