Joss Whedon Talks Dollhouse

Writer/producer/director Joss Whedon was recently MC’ing the wrap party for “Y: The Last Man” comic book series (yes, they’re doing that now, even for comic books; it’s a weird, weird world, folks), when he was asked about his upcoming Fox TV series Dollhouse. Here’s what he said.


What about Dollhouse will draw in your Buffy and Firefly fans?

Well, Eliza (Dushku). Duh. It’s very different than the stuff I’ve done before, but at the same time it’s still a very hardcore examination of the human condition. It really sort of boils it down to who are we, how are we programmed, what do we need, what is okay about us, and what is really not okay. It’s the most morally gray thing I’ve ever done. I think it might actually anger a lot of my fans, but there are questions I still have to ask. Ultimately I think it will intrigue them because that.

We keep hearing that the strike will be over soon. How has it affected Dollhouse? Have you actually written any of it yet?

I had just pitched the seven episodes for the show, I hadn’t written anything. I did not even so much as look at them during the strike, and will not until the strike is over. The day the strike is over, I will start working, so whatever we plan to do will certainly be pushed back by exactly as many months as the strike was… or still is.

So I guess now he’s going to start working on it. Eliza Dushku will star.

Joss Whedon Talks Dollhouse