Joss Whedon Will Direct The Avengers Movie


That’s according to Deadline, who says that the “Buffy” and “Firefly”/”Serenity” fanboy fave is currently in negotiations to helm Marvel Studio’s big-budget live-action superhero uber team. Fanboy rumblings of Whedon directing “The Avengers” surfaced earlier this month, but at that time it was just a rumor. Not anymore. According to Deadline, Whedon is in “final negotiations” for the directing gig, so if you’re prone to squealing, I would just get it over now, cause it looks like this will actually happen. Marvel is currently keeping mum, but expect it all to be official by the end of the week.

Although he’s only done one feature-length movie in his career, Whedon does have an extensive TV resume. Also, “Serenity” has proven that Whedon is capable of handling an ensemble movie, and granted, while Mal and crew don’t exactly equal larger-than-life superheroes, Whedon has shown he’s more than capable of handling a lot of characters in a sci-fi, action-packed setting. Plus, the dialogue will be really snappy and such, and as is his wont, you can probably expect a familiar face or two (or a dozen) from the stable of Whedon regulars. Oh let’s admit it, an Eliza Dushku cameo (possibly in spandex) would just be the bees knees.

It is expected that “The Avengers” movie will eventually unite Marvel’s crop of big-budget cinematic superheroes, including sure bets Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (the newly minted Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), and scrappy soldier/spy Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). Rumor has it that The Hulk will fit in there somewhere, either as another member or possibly as the super squad’s first “villain”.

Whoever ends up on the team, the Avengers assemble on the big screen for the very first time in May 2012.

'Hey, Joss, I'd look real good between Captain America and Iron Man, don't you think?'

Author: Nix

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  • ulik

    Good choice, with Marvel Studios, Kevin Fiege, and Jon Favereau there alongside Whedon to make sure this movie will be epic, I have total confidence in their choice. With Whedon along, it's possible we may get Elisha Dushku as Scarlett Witch or Wasp and Chewitel Ejiofor as “Black Panther” in Avengers II. Two movies that had more of an impact on me in terms of directing, camera and style were “Cloverfield” and “District 9″. District 9 made it feel like you were looking at real life people not actors(although the acting was superb) dealing with a REAL situation with the arrival of ET's and how would the world actually deal with that situation, it felt personal. Cloverfield also made if feel like a VERY REAL situation was going on and made you wonder what you'd do in that situation, it felt personal. If Avengers can be made to not feel distant and drag you in and make you feel almost involved like what it'd really be like to have these characters in the real world like Cloverfield and District 9 did but on a grander scale, it'll be incredible!!!

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    You really like that documentary feel huh? I'm not really sure it'd work with something like the Avengers as it'd take away from the spectacle of it. I mean I definitely think the style has it's merrits and is great for the Sci-fi genre especially. But seeing The AVengers go up against Ultron through the eyes of someone else or something would just be a little off putting. I want to feel like we're there but not as an observer.

    Glad you're pushing for a Wasp or Scarlet Witch and Panther in Avengers II. I'd love that, but I still think Djimon Honsou is the best choice.

    As for Whedon, Nix hit the nail on the head with all his good points. Ensemble casat work, fanboy love, etc.

  • TheStrongestTHereIS

    I for one have always thought that Joss Whedon was overrated, but only in the sense of Film and Tv. I think he works on paper, where all his one one liners and quips come across as stylish. On Tv, Its just miss after miss. Firefly to date is the only thing that I ever thought had any promise and it consistently had problems and was way cheesy (but still the closest thing to Bebop I think we will ever get….Which was half the allure, at least for me). Yeah you can say that Angel and Buffy were on for multiple seasons, I just contest that they were cancelled the moment the studio got a slightly better show to tac over it. Buffy is crap and Angel, while a good character and played by someone I want to see get more jobs other than bones, were both mediocre titles. Dr Horrible sing along, I have to admit, I haven't seen yet, but I just for the life of me cannot understand why, with the plethora of talented directors they already have, would they go with someone just for fan boy love? You have Johnston and Favreau (who took himself out of the runnings to be a producer for avengers), Letterier who is way more epic prone than anything Whedon has ever done. Johnston who is doing Cap would even be a better pick to me, he's legend for the Rocketeer Alone, and he just did wolfman. I mean, come on.

    Ok Ok, I'll Stop. Maybe Whedon will finally make me a fan with this. There's always the chance, and being that he's not writing it, I may be able to fall in love with his directing and forget about his horrible one liners. Ive always considered him an 80s action movie writer, only not as good.

  • TheStrongestTHereIS

    Oh and Eliza Dushku or whatever, is just another ugly bimbo in makeup who cant act out of a paper bag. Im not ragging on you nix, I know many people who think she is the shizzle. She is a trash can lid compared to true beauties like catherine zeta jones, Scarlett Johannsen or my personal fav Monica Bellucci. Doll house is another show being kept on to take up space, or wait, has it been cancelled yet? It should be. SHow is so Aweful.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    LMAO! It's cancelled.
    As for the directors, I think Favs should stick to producing this one. He's good, but if he doubts himself, then he should sit back and just guide. Letterier is good too, and I think he did a great job with Incredible Hulk, but from what I'm hearing he didn't use his ensemble cast for Clash nearly well enough, and if someone gets glossed over in the AVengers that would be horrible. Johnston is good as well, but I'd have to wait til I see Cap to see how well he can do with this universe. I like WHedon because he would inject that same energy from Serenity into the film. You also have to remember he's directing, NOT writing this. And so his eye is what counts. We don't need to worry about what you normally associate with Whedon's shows, like the writing, and stuff.

  • ulik

    LOL! No I don't want to see that documentary style done for the Avengers, what I meant by that was that the movie gave you as sense that “how would this be in a REAL world event”,the realism. I agree Djimon Honsou IS the Black Panther to me. When he finally shows up, i think it'd be great to have the “French FreeRunners” founders involved to help fill in and help guide on Black Panther's action sequences. Of Dushku I'm not a fan but I know she will beg Whedon to let her be a character especially being that she wanted to be the Black Widow so bad. As far as Ejoifor, I think Whedon would choose him because he worked with him before but I think Marvel's casting directors will actually choose Djmon(I at least hope so).

  • haljett

    It's hard for me to imagine that this movie will be all that good. Not because of Whedon. I like him. Putting that many superheroes together on the big screen for two hours just seems to me too much. Too many characters with huge egos and story lines. But hopefully I'll be proven wrong.

  • Nix

    I'm a sucker for smirking action heroines.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Oh Ok. And yeah Honsou IS Panther (even voicing him in the animated series that will never see the light of day in the US apparently) And yeah adding a parkour like style to his movements would make sense.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Normally you're right. If Avengers was to come out without the benefit of Iron Man & IM2, Thor, Incredible Hulk, and Captain America coming out first, those egos would be too big. But the thing about the comic is the fact that they work well togehter DESPITE their egos, and this film is supposed to show that. We'll already know what they're like, but seeing them thrive in a team environment will be cool.