Jovovich Seduces De Niro in Stone Trailer. Plus, Ed Norton has a Funky Accent.

Milla Jovovich in Ultraviolet

Remember when Robert De Niro was Ed Norton? Well, now Ed Norton is Robert De Niro. Trust me, it makes perfect sense. Check out a promo trailer for Norton and De Niro’s new thriller “Stone”, set for a 2010 release from John Curran, the director of “The Painted Veil” and “We Don’t Live Here Anymore”. The film stars Norton as a bad, bad dude who tries to get De Niro to set him free. How does he do that, you ask? Well he’s got a pretty little wife played by Milla Jovovich who will do anything for him. This includes seducing De Niro’s parole officer and having lots of extra-marital sex. Hi-jinks, as they say, ensue.

“Stone” is based on a play by Angus MacLachlan, who also wrote the movie.

A word of warning: though whoever put the trailer up on YouTube doesn’t mark it as such, the trailer has NSFW language and nudity. You have been warned. And oh yeah, the trailer also gives away a hell of a lot, so watch out for that, too.

Update: The people behind the movie, apparently mystified by how YouTube works, “demanded” that I remove the vid, even though it’s just embed codes and I don’t actually have the video anywhere near me, and that YouTube is the person they should be threatening. Dear movie people: please join the 21st century and learn how embed videos work. Thank you. Here’s a pic of Milla Jovovich instead.

Update #2: Find the official trailer below.