Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Bails on Highlander Reboot

Juan Carlos FresnadilloThere can be only one director … Summit just wishes it can hand onto them.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (“28 Weeks Later”, and more recently, the Clive Owen supernatural tale “Intruders”) is the latest candidate to direct Summit’s “Highlander” reboot who has now taken a flyer on the gig after spending a year trying to get it going. The culprit? Creative differences. Or in this case, a differing of visions between the director and the studio.

Ironically, Fresnadillo bailed on the reboot of “The Crow”, a film that is finding an equally hard time holding onto its directors, to do “Highlander”.

“Highlander”, of course, is the story of a bunch of immortal guys who goes around the world trying to lop off each other’s heads, decapitation being the only sure way to kill one of these guys.

Ryan Reynolds is still attached to star, with the reboot expected to somewhat follow the trajectory of the original film, which found hero Connor MacLeod (played by Christopher Lambert) living in the present while flashing back to the past when he first discovers his immortality and living through the centuries. There have been a lot of rumors about the plot of the reboot, but who knows if that’s changed. These things tend to get tweaked the longer it takes for a movie to get made, and more cooks take their shots in the kitchen.

What we do know for sure, though? There can be only one…

…unless it’s a movie franchise.

Christopher Lambert in Highlander

Via : Deadline