Judge Archer Trailer


Xu Haofeng brings us, Judge Archer.  This certainly does not look the run of the mill martial arts flicks that are coming out these days.  No quick cuts, tight shots or slow motion here – just good ole fist to face fights.  I did catch his previous film, “Sword Identity,” which was a failure, but the trailer for this film looks like he may have learned a few lessons from his first foray.  Xu Haofeng also worked on “The Grandmasters,” which may have given him some more experience under the tutelage of Wong Kar-Wai.

Judge Archer resolves disputes between the various martial arts schools, but cannot settle his own family issues and romantic affairs. When he is entrapped in a failed assassination plot, his ethics are put to the test.

Release date:  TBA


Song Yang
Yu Cheng Hui
Li Chengyuan
Zhao Zheng

Via : Wildgrounds

Author: Khaavren

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BFLVZZMHXTFF2ZMMU2ZM4UK2KE Waldo

    ah.. i did recognize this guy from sword identity. to call the movie “a failure” is a bit too much imo, the movie was just a bit “different”. most people will not appreciate it, some others will.

    personally, i thought sword identity was ok. it’s not the typical “action/martial arts movie” you would expect it to be.

    • http://www.grifiti.com Tin Hoang

      It was not a complete failure. In fact it had a lot of potential, but ultimately, it didn’t quite deliver on the “action/martial arts” part. I appreciated what he tried to do in that movie. The art direction, sets and weapons were beautiful. But ultimately it did not come together into a cohesive movie.

      This time around, the martial arts is there in all it’s “realistic” glory.