Judge Dredd Reboot Script Review and Main Plot Details

Someone has gotten their hands on the script for the upcoming “Judge Dredd” reboot by 2000 A.D. and writer Alex Garland, and they’ve sent in a quickie review to the boys at What’s Playing. There are no real spoilers, but there are details about how the movie begins, the main bad guy, and where most of the film takes place.

Some quick hits:

The main characters are Judge Cassandra Anderson and of course, Judge Dredd. Anderson, a psychic Judge, is on a ride-along with Dredd, and it’s apparently her last chance to prove herself as worthy of being a Mega City One Judge.

The main villain is a drug pusher name Ma-Ma Clang, who pushes a new drug called Slo-Mo that slows down time for the user. (Excuses for bullet-time action, anyone?) Ma-Ma Clang works out of a complex called Peach Trees, where the Judges end up early in the film.

It’s at the Peach Trees complex where much of the action takes place, as the Judges find themselves locked in, with Ma-Ma Clang ordering their death.

And for those worrying, Dredd never removes his helmet in the script, and he does, indeed, utter the line, “I am the Law!”

The film will star Olivia Thirlby as Cassandra Anderson and Karl Urban as Judge Dredd. Pete Travis is directing.