Juggernaut Takes on Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con ’13

Philadelphia Comic Con '13 Pics by Juggernaut

The annual Wizard World Comic-Con commenced this Thursday in the city of brotherly love and yours truly was smack in the middle of the awesomeness!

I hit the convention on Saturday and the fanboys were out in force! From Marvel to DC, “Star Trek” to “Star Wars” to “Lord Of The Rings” to “Harry Potter” and everything in the middle there was truly something for everyone.

This was my second time attending the festivities and if my memory serves me correctly this one was a much more epic affair. Besides the usual hustle and bustle of the con floor there were a slew of special guests and events to fill out the day. After cruising the vendor displays for a while and perusing the geektastic paraphernalia, of which I procured some sweet original art by upcoming graphic artist Terry Huddleston, wicked comic T-Shirts for the whole family and a bunch of cool pins and magnets (see the pics!), it was time to delve deep into the belly of the beast!

My first official stop of the day was to see the legendary William Shatner in a Q&A! That’s right, kids, Captain Kirk himself was on hand to reminisce with the crowd about his illustrious career. He shared a few funny anecdotes with such topics as canine castration (comedy gold!), pranks on Spock during the run of the original “Star Trek” series, dissing Tom Cruise (it was all in jest, please don’t send the Scientologist alien army after the old guy T.C.) and dealing with, and in some cases, perpetuating James Spader’s O.C.D. on the set of “Boston Legal”.

Philadelphia Comic Con '13 Pics by Juggernaut

From there it was on to some of the guest tables. Besides the good Captain, other stars in attendance From the sci-fi world were “Star Wars” baddie Darth Maul aka Ray Park, John Barrowman of “Torchwood” fame, Kris Holden-Reid and Aaron Ashmore and from the Sci-Fi series “Warehouse 13”, the reunited members of the cult television show “Firefly” — Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin, Gina Torres and Jewel Staite.

Horror genre fans were treated to legends Linda Blair of “The Exorcist” and special effects guru Tom Savini as well as favorites like “The Walking Dead” cast members Michael Rooker, Jon Bernthal and Norman “Darryl Dixon” Reedus, as well as Charisma Carpenter, James Marsters and Juliet Landau who were in attendance for a special “Buffy” reunion!

For the Action/Fantasy lovers there were Manu Bennet from “The Hobbit” and “Spartacus”, Giancarlo Esposito of ABC series “Once Upon A Time”, “Hercules” star Kevin Sorbo, Holly Marie Combs and Brian Klause from “Charmed” and “Power Rangers” actor Jason David Frank.

Even such T.V. royalty as The Fonz, Henry Winkler, classic comedy film stars Lauren Holly of “Dumb And Dumber” and Andrew McCarthy from “Weekend At Bernies” showed up.

Other guests included wrestling superstars John Cena, Daniel Bryan and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and “Attack Of The Show” hosts Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood.

Finally representing for the comic book fans were Iceman from the original “X-Men” film trilogy Shawn Ashmore, former Supermen Dean Cain and Brandon Routh, Marvel T.V. Icon and The Strongest There Is, Lou Ferigno and drum roll please………………………STAN LEE!!!

Philadelphia Comic Con '13 Pics by Juggernaut

I would have loved to have gotten some face time and a keepsake of being in the presence of these great entertainers but unfortunately the lines were ridiculously long, especially Stan The Man’s booth, and there were no pictures available without waiting, buying some merchandise and paying for an official photo op (sorry true believers).

I did however get a bunch of shots of the terrific crowd members in full accouterment. The cosplay stage was host to a bevy of fantastic regalia. Some of the best of which were Bane, Poison Ivy, Red Hood and Black Widow whom I was lucky enough to snag for a pose.

For the final stop of the day I sat in on a “Doctor Who”/”Torchwood” cosplay/fan film panel that was put on by a group of super fans including premiere cosplayers such as Eric “The Smoke” Moran and Brian Terranova. They incorporated aspects of the two sci-fi series and the end product was an original, creative and fun labor of loved titled “Legacy” which you can find on Youtube.

All in all it was an Uncanny adventure full of Astonishing talent and Spectacular sights. Hope to see you in Philly next time.

Until then EXCELSIOR!