Julia Stiles Joins Dexter Season 5, Probably Not as a New Love Interest

Fans of Showtime’s serial killer show “Dexter” knows that the show is in need of a new leading lady — so could that leading lady be Julia Stiles? Possibly, says EW, who reports Stiles’s casting in the show’s upcoming Season 5, though they have no further information on her role. EW does seem sure that Stiles won’t be playing a new love interest for Dexter, citing the serial killer/hero’s fresh widower status on the heels of Julie Benz’s exit, but come on, he’s a serial killer, what’s to stop him from jumping right back on the horse? He’s kinda different, you know.

Julia Stiles is one of those actresses you’ve seen in a lot of movies because she’s always worked steadily throughout the years, and she’s even fronted a couple of them (“Save the Last Stand”, “The Prince and Me”), and she’s even been in all three “Bourne” films; and yet, you’d be hardpressed to find anyone who can point her out by name. “Dexter” is a pretty popular show, but it is a premium cable show, which means not a lot of people have seen it, but those who have loves it, so I don’t expect Stiles’s fortunes to change afterwards.

And if you’re thinking that Stiles would make a new serial killer opponent for Dexter? Forget about it. Show producer Chip Johannessen has already shot that idea down.

“Dexter” Season 5 premieres September 26, 2010.