Julianne Hough Joins Footloose Remake

Yeah, to be honest with you, I have no interest in this movie whatsoever, and to be even more honest, I’m making this post and filling it out with words just as an excuse to post that picture of Julianne Hough, which you can find below. In fact, you can skip all this and head on down there to see that pic right now, but in case you, you know, want information and junk, here it is: THR reports that Hough will be playing the lead in the remake of “Footloose”, which is set to star some guy name Chace Crawford who got the job after Zac Efron bailed.

“Footloose” is, of course, based on the ’80s movie starring Kevin Bacon as a city boy who moves to a small town and turns it on its head. The town has banned music and dancing thanks to a fire and brimstone preacher, so it’s up to our city boy to teach them how to dance again. The original was pretty much one of those silly guilty pleasures, and I have no doubt that the remake won’t come anywhere close to matching the goofiness of the original.

Julianne Hough is a dancer and a mainstay on ABC’s unfathomably popular Dancing with the Stars TV show. I hear she’s a country singer, too. Now you can add acting to her list of credits. That, and looking really good in a bikini. Mamma mia.

Julianne Hough in Footloose (2011) Movie Image