Jumper Jumps the Box Office, Get Ready for Jumper 2

The big, universal complaint about Doug Liman’s sci-fi “Jumper” is that it’s too short on details, leaving big plot holes about the Paladins, the secret organization led by Samuel L. Jackson’s character, whose sole goal is to kill jumpers like Hayden Christensen’s character in the movie. But fear not, nit-picky critic types, because after “Jumper” took in $34 million in its 4-day opening weekend, you can expect your answers in “Jumper 2”.

But the weekend’s big surprise has to be the streetdancing sequel “Step Up 2: The Streets”, which took in an impressive $26 million in its debut. Not bad for a movie that is as “street” as “West Side Stories”, but I’m guessing scenes of the film’s midriff-baring star Briana Evigan dancing in the streets during the pouring rain sequence sold the flick.

Coming in at #3 was the fantasy kids adventure movie “The Spiderwick Chronicles”, which actually performed quite well with $21 million. Will that be enough for a sequel? Who knows. We’ll probably have to wait for the film’s overseas box office take for that answer.

Here’s how the Top 10 broke down over the weekend:

1 —– Jumper —– $33,850,000
2 —– Step Up 2 the Streets —– $26,267,000
3 —– The Spiderwick Chronicles —– $21,389,000
4 —– Fool’s Gold —– $13,080,000
5 —– Definitely, Maybe —– $12,804,000
6 —– Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins —– $8,880,000
7 —– Juno —– $4,625,000
8 —– The Bucket List —– $4,105,000
9 —– Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour —– $3,289,000
10 —– 27 Dresses —– $3,175,000

“Anyone see the lower half of my shirt? Anyone?”
Jumper Jumps the Box Office, Get Ready for Jumper 2