Jupiter Ascending Delayed to 2015

Channing Tatum in Jupiter Ascending (2014) Movie Image

Signs of problems? Maybe. Maybe not.

Looks like Warner Bros. may have a little work to do with the Wachowskis’ latest space epic, the Channing Tatum-Mila Kunis starrer “Jupiter Ascending.” I guess you could say it won’t be, er, ascending anytime soon, because the studio has officially pushed the $150 million dollar film from its original July 18, 2014 release date to February 6, 2015.

For those of you who failed at math class, that’s a delay of almost 6 months.

The reason? The studio tells Variety it’s because writers/directors the Wachowskis “needed more time to complete their work on more than 2,000 special effects shots in the film.”

Sure, I guess that’s an entirely possible reason for delaying the film 6 months. Then again, February is not exactly the time you want to be scheduling your big-budget movies. January and February have traditionally been where studios send films to die, preferably unnoticed by the masses.

Of course, just because a film has been delayed for half a year doesn’t mean it’s got problems and the studio has lost faith in it. As you’ll recall, “300: Rise of an Empire” was delayed nearly as long and it still managed to open in March to over $100 million domestic before finishing off with over $300 million worldwide.

Then again, the trailers for “Jupiter Ascending” haven’t done it for me — and I love these types of movies. So what does that say? (By the way, since they now have 6 additional months, you think they can go into post and CGI out Channing Tatum’s ridiculous facial hair?)