Just a Couple of Basterds In a Prequel

My biggest complaint about Inglourious Basterds is that there weren’t enough of the basterds. I expected a The Dirty Dozen incursion style movie, but there was surprisingly very little action, and most of the basterds were mere afterthoughts. When Tarantino spoke about doing an Inglourious Basterds prequel, I immediately objected on the grounds that the material seemed to pretty well self-contained, but then the only direction that he can seemingly take the material is to expand it and give the basterds a wider focus, which would also obviate my initial objection with the first film. So perhaps there is a chance that it can work out.

With that in mind, New York Magazine reports that Tarantino is actually 40 pages into a script for the prequel, but he wants to work on a smaller movie first in an entirely different genre, and that script will be finished in another five or six months of intensive writing. He hopefully will get back to the prequel soon after, especially if the first one does well at the award shows.

The article also has two reactions from German and Israel audiences toward Inglourious Basterds, the former of which was mentioned on the DVD commentary. Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly), it ended up being cathartic for both. Read the entire article for more information.