Justice League 90210 Delayed

Is it wrong of me to hope that the Justice League movie gets not only delayed, but scrapped entirely? Why? Because it just sounds like utter crap, that’s why, from the kiddie cast to the silly storylines they’re going to be throwing into this thing. I was excited about the movie for a long time, but not so much anymore, and so these rumors that the movie may be delayed kind of fills me with hope — that this thing dies NOW.


“Justice League is indeed in danger of not starting production on time and maybe even getting scrapped altogether” is what a studio source told the IESB last week. “The concerns are that the script is not ready to go in front of cameras, and also that the budget is getting a bit out of control, the WGA strike has proven to be Kryptonite to Superman and friends.”

So while the cast is apparently locked, the studio has had to go back to the actors and extend their holds. IESB was told that at least two high level studio execs headed to Australia right before Christmas to try to resolve these issues and get the film get back on schedule.

But I REALLY love this part:

“The cast for Justice League is mediocre, the execs know it’s mediocre, it’s going to go down to wire on this one, this movie cold be huge but right now it’s plagued with a couple of big issues and the WGA strike isn’t making things easier,” our source tell us.

No shit the cast is mediocre. Screw that. The cast is CRAP. And so has been everything I’ve heard about this Happy Meal Ready Movie.

Justice League 90210 Delayed