Justice League, Man of Steel Delayed

It looks like Warner Bros. is having a bit of a problem getting its two massive event films into production, the George Miller-directed “Justice League of America” movie and “The Man of Steel”, the sequel to Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns”. The culprit? Yep, you guessed it, that damn strike.

On the JLA movie (via):

Entertainment Weekly magazine reported in its Jan. 18 edition that George Miller’s upcoming Justice Leage of America film may face a delay because the ongoing writers’ strike could forestall a desired script rewrite.

Citing an anonymous source, the magazine said that producers want a rewrite, but are debating whether to begin shooting without one. Warner Brothers has until Jan. 15 to either green-light the movie for a spring production start for a summer 2009 release or push it until after the strike is resolved.

Meanwhile, the magazine reported that all seven superheroes have been cast.

On “The Man of Steel” (via):

Warner Brothers has pushed back the release of its proposed sequel to Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns to 2010 from 2009 because of the ongoing writers’ strike, Variety reported.

No screenwriters are on board. Returns writers Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris opted out of writing the sequel, tentatively called Superman: Man of Steel, and the strike arrived just as other writers were to pitch ideas, the trade paper reported.

The article also makes clear that Bryan Singer will be back to direct “Man of Steel” despite previous reports to the contrary.