Justified Season 4 Shines Light on a New Promo

JUSTIFIED Season 4 Teaser

Being on cable TV has definitely benefited the FX Channel’s excellent crime drama “Justified”. Instead of being forced to crank out, say, over 20 episodes a year, “Justified” only has to contend with, at most, 13 episodes. As a fan of the show, getting just 13 episodes a year sucks, but when you consider the quality involved in all 13 episodes as opposed to 13 really good episodes and 10 filler episodes of your average network TV show, I think the trade-off is well worth it.

That having been said, “Justified” Season 4 returns next month on January 8th with the episode “Hole in the Wall”. Timothy Olyphant, of course, is back as U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, and here’s your first promo spot for the coming season.

There’s no real footage here, and you probably shouldn’t even expect to see this in the show when it returns in 2013. “Justified” loves making these short, uber stylized promos for upcoming seasons to give you a taste of the theme they have in store. This one is called “Headlights”.