Justified Season Two Teaser Trailer Reveals Nothing, Still Awesome Anyways

If you somehow managed not to get hopelessly hooked on the FX Channel’s “Justified”, you missed out one one fantastic new show. Sucks to be you, boss.

My new favorite show returns sometime in February of next year with an all new season. We’ll finally be able to catch up with badass U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, his oh-so-convoluted love life, fugitive best bud Boyd, and a new host of slimy, oh so slimy and evil Southern bad guys.

That is, if Dish network, my currently provider, and Rupert Murdoch settle their shit by February of 2011 and I can get my FX Channel back. I ain’t holdin’ my breath, though.

Anyways, here’s the teaser trailer. It doesn’t offer any new footage from the new season as far as I can tell (probably because they aren’t in production yet, would be my guess), but it does show off some of the best moments from the first season, including some awesome voiceover from our main man that just whets your appetite for what’s coming down the pipe.