Justin Lin Confirms Fast Six, Will Probably Direct

“Fast Six”, or whatever it ends up being called, is definitely a go if Universal has their way. $80 million-plus opening weekend in the States will greenlight another sequel pretty damn fast.

Speaking to USAToday from Asia, where the film is preparing to open, director Justin Lin confirms that the sixth installment is “100% on the way”, and also sounds like he’ll be directing again, though he doesn’t come right out and say that:

After this big weekend, we’re going forward. It’s pretty much 100 percent. It’s going to happen. At five, we’re just hitting our stride. We’re growing. People want to continue this journey.

He never comes right out and says he’s returning to direct, but I think you can read between the lines that he is expecting to come back for the sixth movie, and his fourth in the franchise. As to where Toretto and crew will be headed next? They’ll definitely be moving out of Rio, with Lin confirming that the sixth installment will be “going elsewhere”.