Justin Lin Finally Talks Fast and Furious 4, Old Boy Remake

The thing about The Fast and the Furious franchise is this: no one goes in expecting Shakespeare, and if you did, then who is the dummy here — the movie franchise that never had any pretentious of substance, or you, the dolt, who went in expecting it to have some? I rest my case. But let’s get back to the franchise. Rumors have circulated recently that Justin Lin was primed to return to the franchise and direct the fourth installment (which, rumor has it, would also bring back Vin Diesel to the franchise that made him a household name in the first place). Coming Soon recently ran across Lin, out promoting his Bruce Lee comedy “Finishing the Game”, and asked him about “Furious 4” and the long gestating “Old Boy” remake.

Here’s what Lin said about “Furious 4”:

Everyone is scrambling, but if I do it, I’m going to have fun with it. I’m still assessing. I haven’t totally signed on anything yet. People have been calling me, and I would do it for the right reason with the right people. That was my first action car movie and I feel like I’m better now. I would love to go and flex that muscle if it’s appropriate or the right situation. It would take the right people to come on board for me to do it, so we’ll see.

So basically, a Yes and a No. Eh.

And the “Old Boy” remake:

Everybody has their opinions on remakes and if the goal was to basically make a Xerox copy, then I wouldn’t want to make that. It’s a tough movie to remake. It’s a big challenge. In the last year, if anything, I’ve been protecting it a little bit, because if it’s not the right situation, then I’m probably not the right guy for it. I think it’s one of those things that came and as a young filmmaker, I just want to try things whether I succeed or fail. That one, because it’s at a big studio, and I think for all the pieces to fall right and to be able to make the film correctly, I don’t know if I’m even the right guy to do that. These are things that I’ve learned, especially with other films, sometimes you go and make it just to make it and have fun with it. That was one where I was very protective and if one element wasn’t correct””that’s where I’m standing. If it’s not totally there, it’s not worth it. I personally haven’t been able to find the right fit nor the right rhythm, so we’ll see. I honestly will probably move on from that.

I’d prefer it if they didn’t remake it. What’s the point?

Justin Lin Finally Talks Fast and Furious 4, Old Boy Remake