Justin Lin is Developing a Bruce Lee TV Series

Justin Lin

It sounds like “Fast and Furious” director Justin Lin is getting back into the Bruce Lee business. The director of the last dozen (give or take) “Fast and Furious” movies is now primed to develop, produce, and possibly direct the pilot for a new TV series based on the writings of Bruce Lee.

(For those who have never seen it, Lin actually directed a 2007 comedy called “Finishing the Game: The Search for a New Bruce Lee”, which was a parody of Hollywood trying to finish Lee’s “Game of Death”. It’s actually a pretty funny movie, and co-stars Lin’s buddy Sung Kang. Check it out if you’ve never seen it.)

Bruce LeeMind you, we’re not talking about a show that will be about Bruce Lee, it’s based on something he came up with before he died. Well, it would have to be before he died, right? It would be kind of creepy if he died and still came up with new material. He’s no Tupac, after all.

Lin and Bruno Wu, via their newly formed Perfect Storm Entertainment shingle, will develop an untitled TV series we’re told will be “based on material written by” Lee. No word on what the show will be about, but it will be a one-hour drama, with probably a lot of kung fu would be my guess.

40 years after his death, Lee is still kicking in pop culture. Besides this upcoming TV series, there’s a movie that “re-imagines” his early life in the works called “Birth of the Dragon”, and the Chinese are making a movie based on a story he came up with called “The Silent Flute”.

Plus, Hong Kong has been making movies based on his life for years, including movies about the man who trained him, Ip Man. Wong Kar Wai’s upcoming “The Grandmaster” is one such movie. And there are the Donnie Yen films.

It will be interesting to see what Bruce Lee thought would make for a good TV show. Remember, there are some pretty good evidence that he was the one who came up with the premise for the David Carradine TV series “Kung Fu”, but has never gotten any credit for it. Maybe this is a show that will right that wrong.

Via : Deadline