Justin Lin Leaves The Terminator to Drive Around in Fast Cars and the Like

Justin LinYeah, I’m not entirely sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, or a middle-of-the-road thing. I guess it depends entirely on how you think of Justin Lin as a director.

Whatever it ends up being, the official word is that Justin Lin has dropped out of directing the fifth “Terminator” movie because the film is scheduled to go into production as early as 2012, but Lin is already committed to directing the sixth “Fast and Furious” movie for Universal.

Lin has been pretty hot stuff ever since “Fast Five” shocked the world by making a gazillion bucks at the box office, and as such he’s been offered pretty much everything under the sun, with the “Terminator” sequel and “Highlander” reboot being the most prominent titles. As it turns out, he might not end up doing either one, and will instead return to the fast and furious world of car crimes. (The “Highlander” reboot has already officially gone to Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.)

But the really intriguing news here? By 2018, James Cameron, the original creator of the “Terminator” franchise, will automatically get some rights to the franchise back, so the current rightholders have until then to do whatever they want with the franchise. Then it’s Cameron’s again — or at least, parts of it.

And while Cameron has publicly stated that he wants nothing to do with the franchise, word is he’s been brought over by Schwarzenegger to do some “brainstorming” on the upcoming movies. Which apparently means he’s still got some Terminator love in him somewhere…

Linda Hamilton and Director James Cameron in The Terminator (1984) Movie Image