Justin Lin Signs Up for Chinglish

Justin LinBefore he started directing movies about fast cars, loose women, and men with big guns shooting each other without any real consequences whatsoever (you know, standard Hollywood action movies), director Justin Lin directed a small-budget drama about Asian-Americans called “Better Luck Tomorrow” that got plenty of play around the festival circuits. That film launched his career, and Lin easily transformed into a Hollywood filmmaker.

He’s still up to his engine oil in two “Fast and Furious” movies (who knows when he’ll wrap those) and God knows how many other big Hollywood films he’s been attached to since “Fast Five” shot him into the top of every studio’s directors wish list, but it appears Lin may try to carve out a little time to do a small movie called “Chinglish”. Good luck, buddy.

Lin has acquired the film rights to “Chinglish”, a play by David Henry Hwang. The romantic comedy finds an American businessman heading over to China in an attempt to jump-start the family business, only to run up against major culture clashes. Hilarity, we presume, ensues.

“Chinglish” is getting a lot of attention on the theater circuit, but its American businessman-meets-modern-China premise is not exactly new. There is actually a 2012 film called “Shanghai Calling” starring Daniel Henney that deals with pretty much the same topic. But that movie probably won’t get much of a theatrical release in the States, while “Chinglish”, with Lin’s current status, might.

Here’s a trailer for “Shanghai Calling”, directed by Daniel Hsia and co-starring Eliza Coupe, Bill Paxton, and Alan Ruck. You can come back here when “Chinglish” gets made (if Lin ever finds the time to get it made, that is) and compare the two.

Via : Deadline