Justin Lin Will Direct the Next Bourne Movie

Justin LinNo wonder Justin Lin decided to bail on the “Fast and Furious” franchise. It appears he already had the fifth “Bourne” movie lined up.

The director of the last four “Fast and Furious” films will be doing the honors on the untitled “Bourne 5”, which will feature the return of Aaron Cross, the hero of “The Bourne Legacy” played by Jeremy Renner. Last we saw Cross, he was heading off into the sunset with Dr. Marta Shearing (played by Rachel Weisz). I guess that happy ending won’t last.

Directed by Tony Gilroy, who either penned or worked on the plotting for all the “Bourne” films, “Legacy” was a decent hit for Universal, but it wasn’t quite the big box office explosion the studio was probably hoping for. Which led to a lot of speculation that Universal would be trying to get Matt Damon back as Bourne, perhaps to team up with Renner’s Cross, or in another one of his own movies.

That apparently hasn’t happened. I’m guessing it probably had a little something to do with Matt Damon still feeling a little miffed that Universal thought they could replace him. Actors and egos. Who would have thunk it?

Then again, considering Lin’s ability to keep adding more and more old characters from a series’ previous installments into future entries, who knows? Those of you hoping for a Bourne-Cross team-up might just get it after all.

It would kinda be like “Batman vs. Superman”, but with more guns and evil U.S. Government officials.

Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy (2010) Movie Image

Via : Variety