Justin Long to be Drag to Sam Raimi’s Hell

Geeky character actor Justin Long has nabbed another major role: he’ll be starring opposite Alison Lohman (who recently replaced the departed Ellen Page) in Sam Raimi’s return to indie horror, the fantastically titled “Drag Me to Hell”. I don’t think anyone would say that Justin Long (pictured) is the “good looking hero type”, but since the movie, written by Raimi and his brother Ivan, is centered around Lohman’s character, the boyfriend/guy friend role is something Long does with aplomb.


Raimi and his brother Ivan penned the screenplay, a morality tale about the unwitting recipient of a supernatural curse. Long will play the boyfriend of Lohman’s character.

Shooting is set to start March 31 in Los Angeles. Lohman replaced Ellen Page, who dropped out of the project last month due to scheduling conflicts.

Long was recently in Bruce Willis’ “Live Free or Die Hard” as — what else? — the hero’s geeky sidekick (pictured below; Long is, er, the guy who isn’t Bruce Willis).

Justin Long to be Drag to Sam Raimi’s Hell