Justin Steele’s Death and Cremation Headed to DVD This April

After waiting for what seems like ages, director Justin Steele’s 2010 horror flick “Death and Cremation” is finally coming to DVD in the States this April. I’ve had my eye on this title for what seems like forever, as I happen to be a fan of both Brad Dourif and “The Sasquatch Gang” alumni Jeremy Sumpter. The fine folks over at Green Apple Entertainment were kind enough to snag the film for distribution, giving you an opportunity to own the film as soon as it hits retail. Nice!

Need a plot refresher? This synopsis should help:

Stan is a 59-year-old recluse who offers cremation services from the basement of his funeral home … though he doesn’t seem much interested in promoting his business. In fact, he’s a deranged sociopath who eliminates anyone he perceives to be a bully. Jarod is a fatherless, 17-year-old high school outcast who no longer even attempts to fit in at school. Things aren’t much better at home with mom’s abusive boyfriend. When Stan takes the beleaguered teen under his wing, they soon develop a demented friendship. But the neophyte makes mistakes and Stan must decide if protecting his newfound protégé is worth killing for.

“Death and Cremation” gets down to business on April 24th, 2012. Would you like a trailer to go along with the synopsis you just read? If so, direct your attention to the embedded trailer.

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