Kane and Lynch’s Director Shuffle, Delayed til 2011?


Kane and Lynch Movie PosterDeath row inmate buddies Kane and Lynch haven’t exactly had it easy trying to get from action video game to action big-screen movie. It’s been even harder holding onto a director.

According to the LATimes, the latest director to sign up before signing off was “District 13’s” Patrick Alessandrin. Now that the Frenchman is off the project, Nu Image/Millennium is scrambling to find a replacement.

Among the names on the studio’s list: F. Gary Gray and Wayne Kramer, both of who were, at one point or another, in the mix to direct. Also on the studio’s short list, Antoine Fuqua (“Shooter”).

Originally slated for an October 2010 start date, “Kane and Lynch” has now been pushed to 2011, though the studio insists that an official start date has not been chosen yet. It’s kinda hard to start shooting a movie without a director, and there are only two months left in 2010, so you figure it out.

It’s curious that “Kane and Lynch” is having such a hard time getting into production. The movie already has two big names attached in Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx, and the videogame franchise has sold like hotcakes. So what’s the hold-up?

Cinematic intro to the “Kane and Lynch 2″ game:

Author: Nix

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  • Bite

    hmmm, sounds like a job for Alan Smithee ;)

  • http://www.originalgeekspodcast.com/ Dedpool aka Jiinx

    F.Gary Gray or Fuqua!!! It’s their kind of movie! Plus Fox has already worked with gray in “Law Abiding Citizen”.

  • ULIK

    I agree with both directors! But Hell No to Jamie Foxx as either character, this is perfect for Bruce Willis and Gerard Butler, who just so happened to be in “Law Abiding Citizen” also, put Jamie Fox in as another character and it’ll be a Masterpiece.

  • A_TwIzTiD_EnD

    Nah not Gerard Butler, Bruce Willis as kane and Jackie Earle Haley as Lynch

  • guest

    Mickey Rourke as Lynch!