Karate Girl Set to Kick the Crap Out of US Fight Fans This April

Rina Takeda is a badass, and her 2011 action flick “Karate Girl” allows the talented actress to kick a fair amount of behind. US fight fanatics will finally get to experience all of the martial arts mayhem for themselves when hits DVD this April. If you already own “High Kick Girl”, you’re already well-versed in the ways of Rina Takeda. The girl is pretty fierce, and she has the skills to back it up. Always a good combination.

Allow this official synopsis to set the stage:

Ayaka and Natsuki are the youngest descendants of a legendary Okinawan karate master. As children, they live a happy life until the day someone breaks into their dojo killing their father, kidnapping Natsuki, and stealing the black belt that has been passed down in their family for generations. Several years later, Ayaka is living the humble life of an ordinary high school student while Natsuki has been trained as a killing machine by the mysterious group that kidnapped her all those years ago.

Prepare to have your face lovingly smashed beyond recognition on April 24th, 2012. That’s not too far away, so be sure to donate lots of plasma in order to cover the cost of a pre-order. While you’re recovering, have a look at the trailer.

Via : Far East Films