Karate Kid Guy Harald Zwart Directing Bakugan The Movie

Harald Zwart, last seen helming the remake of the surprise hit “The Karate Kid”, will now be trying his hand on a movie based on the popular kids toy “Bakugan” for Universal, reports The Wrap.

If you have no idea what Bakugans are, then you either don’t have kids, or nephews. They’re another in a long line of made-up Japanese toys that are essentially transformers in a ball that you use to do “battle”. Of course, as with most Japanese toylines, Bakugans came with their own TV show, cards, and other assorted, pointless merchandise that kids gobble up like sugar. Give them this: the Japanese know how to sell toys to kids.

The plot of the “Bakugan” movie? No idea. It could follow the TV series and be animated like the recent “Pokemon” movies, or it could go the live-action route ala “Dragonball” and “The Last Airbender”. Then again, given the harsh reception to both “Dragonball” and “Airbender”, maybe animation is the way to go here.