Karate Kid Remake — Er, I Mean, Kung Fu Kid Plot Details

It used to be that I minded remaking “The Karate Kid”, mostly because I remember watching and loving the film with a bunch of friends as kids. We were so captivated by it that we immediately ran outside and started crane-kicking each other in the stomach. Ah, good times. So yes, I don’t like the idea of remaking “The Karate Kid”, but you know what — whatever. Remake whatever you want, Will Smith. For those dying to see Jackie Chan teach Will Smith’s son how to do kung fu, we now have a closer look at the plot from the remake. It’s, er, basically the same movie.

Moviehole fills us in on what we can expect from “The Karate Kid” (rumors of the film title being changed to “Kung Fu Kid” has not quite panned out, apparently):

The story has single mother Sherry and her son Dre (yes, Dre, not Daniel) moving to Beijing where Sherry has been transferred. Mother and son don’t speak a lick of English, which, one presumes, cause hilarity and such. Jackie Chan will play Han, the maintenance man at the apartment building Sherry and Dre live in. Dre, a videogame/skater, immediately catches the eye of the local kung fu bully and gets into some ass-whuppin. Namely, his. One day, Han catches Dre’s black eye and sees him (badly) practicing kung fu, and decides to teach the kid to defend himself. They bond. Presumably.

It’s basically the same movie as the original. There’s even a John Kreese character, the instructor at a local kung fu school. Jackie’s Han, apparently, will provide the film’s comic relief.

So there you have it. The more things change, the more they stay the same. So why remake it, then? Probably cause Will Smith thinks it’d be cool if his son became a movie star. Oh, to have a famous father who can indulge in nepotism with impunity…

Below: “Listen, dude, this ain’t Beijing, and you ain’t Jackie Chan. Well, until the remake, anyway.”

Martin Kove, Pat Morita and Ralph Macchio in The Karate Kid (1984) Movie Image