Karen Gillan’s Character in Guardians of the Galaxy Revealed?

Karen Gillan


According to a Scottish Newspaper, Scotland’s best import in quite a long time Karen Gillan, who was just recently added to the cast of Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”, will have to be in pretty good shape for her upcoming role. Of course, there’s no guarantees that her character in the live-action movie will match her comic book roots. (If, that is, this turns out to be true.)

Someone from the Natgaf forums (which is currently down for the count at the moment, perhaps because of spiked traffic related to this story) ran across an article (below) that says Gillan will be playing a character named Angela, a Neil Gaiman creation that the writer will be bringing over to Marvel from Todd McFarlane’s “Spawn” comic books.

Writes the paper:

Karen Gillan will have to be in good shape for her role as a gold bikini-clad alien villain in the Marvel comics superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy. The former Doctor Who star will play Angela, a flame-haired, sword-wielding bounty hunter. The 25-year old Scot – the Time Lord’s companion Amy Pond – begins filming in London later this summer.

Here’s the article, though the important parts have already been quoted above:

Karen Gillain Newspaper Article

And here’s the current version of Angela, who will (not coincidentally) be showing up in the pages of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” comic books very soon:

Angela Comic Book

Yikes. I’m not sure if Doctor Who would approve of that outfit. Of course, what starts out as a scantily clad villainess may end up a tad more clad in the movie version. That is, if Gillan is playing Angela at all.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” saves the universe late next year.

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