Karl Urban Promises Post-Apocalyptic Action Galore, No Sparkly Vampires in Priest

Karl Urban would like you to know that there are no sparkling vampires in his new movie “Priest”, based on the comic book from Tokyo! Pop. In a recent interview, Urban promises that Scott Stewart’s “Priest”, set in a post-apocalyptic world where survivors have fought a war between vampires and humans for generations, will feature some “dark moments” and hard-core action. Or as the actor, who plays the vampire villain Black Hat in the movie puts it, “one-third of the movie is action-based stuff.” So, no dreamy vampires sitting next to you in biology class, then?

Sounds great, right? Yes, but then Karl goes and makes an absurd statement:

“He shot this scene on the old Warner Brothers lot where they shot Blade Runner, and he really out-Ridleyed Ridley. It looked amazing. Crowd scenes, people speaking different languages: It was literally just jumping off of the screen. Literally, the [assistant director] said, ‘Look, if you can speak a foreign language, please, we want to hear it.’ It was amazing.”

Extras speaking in their own language is fine, Karl Urban, but no one “out-Ridleys” Ridley Scott.

In any case, I’m still looking forward to Stewart’s “Priest”, but I really have to see his “Legion” first to get a feel for his directing skills. From everything I’ve seen, though, it certainly looks like “Priest” is going to be pretty hard core. Take a look at the pic below of Bettany walking to and from the set. Man’s doing work.

Jennifer loves a man of action. I bet I'm gonna get some tonight. Booyah!

Jennifer loves a man of action. I bet I'm gonna get some tonight. Booyah!