Karolina Kurkova is Cover Girl in G.I. Joe

Yet another casting news from the fine folks over at IESB, aka “G.I. Joe News Headquarters”. Seriously, the amount of scoop these guys have been getting, you’d think the webmaster secretly moonlights as the director of “G.I. Joe” or something. In any case, the latest addition to Stephen Sommer’s cast is Czech supermodel Karolina Kurkova, who will be playing the former supermodel-turned-Joette Cover girl. Typecasting, perhaps?


Czech Supermodel Karolína Isela Kurková will be bringing Courtney A. Kreiger, better known as Cover Girl, to the big screen in Paramount Pictures’ live action adaptation of the Hasbro toy line.

Fitting that Kurková is best known for her modeling in the Victoria Secret Angels ad campaign (to quote Borat “NIIICE!”) considering Cover Girl was a highly successful fashion model from Peoria, Illinois who graced the covers of countless magazines. She soon found the world of modeling unfulfilling and joined the army to seek out new challenges in life in order to prove she was much more than just a pretty face.

I can dig it, as long as they don’t make Kurkova “act”. I mean, seriously folks, there is a reason these girls were hired to walk in skimpy underwear up and down a long runway-like platform. You try to make them do anything more than that and they’re liable to run into a doorknob. Case in point, Cindy Crawford.

Karolina Kurkova is Cover Girl in G.I. Joe