Kate Beckinsale and Brad Anderson to Tell the Tale of Eliza Graves

Brad AndersonLooks like Nu Image/Millennium have finally found someone to be their Eliza Graves. And oh yeah, they’ve nabbed a director, too, so that’s also good for them.

Originally conceived way back in 2010 with “Paranormal Activity” dude Oren Peli attached to direct, “Eliza Graves” will now be directed by Brad Anderson, whose latest film is “The Call”, though from the sounds of it, “Eliza Grave” sounds more like Anderson’s speed. This is, after all, the guy who gave us “Session 9” and “The Machinist”.

The film will also star Kate Beckinsale as the titular character, a “patient at a mental institution in which the inmates have taken over and are posing as doctors. She becomes the object of affection of a newly arrived Harvard Medical School grad who has no idea of the topsy-turvy world he just entered.”

Yeah, that’ll put a crimp on the relationship pretty fast right there. Hopefully the whole “patients in disguise as doctors” bit isn’t too big of a spoiler, cause if it is, well — oops?

“Eliza Graves” is “loosely based” on an Edgar Allan Poe short story called “The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether”, which is to say, probably not very. With a star and director now onboard, the film is set to go into production this June on location in Bulgaria.

Why Bulgaria? For the Bulgarian pies would be my guess. They’re yummy.

Kate Beckinsale

Via : THR