Kate Beckinsale Back as Selene in Underworld 4? God Willing.

Chances are, I’d still go see the new “Underworld” movie even if Kate Beckinsale didn’t return to the franchise, just because I’m a genre freak and vampires vs. werewolf movies with a Hollywood budget just don’t come along that often. But throw in Kate Beckinsale’s fine self in that fine, oh so fine black pleather, and I’m there with bells on.

That’s the rumor coming from Bloody-Disgusting, which is quick to point out that these are just whispers they’re hearing of Beckinsale re-attaching herself to the franchise that made her the object of fanboy lust everywhere. Though there have been no official confirmation, it sounds very possible that Beckinsale would come back.

The British lass has never been so snobby that she wouldn’t do a big-budget Hollywood movie for the paycheck, as the fact that she actually did two “Underworld” films can attest. Like a lot of smart actors, Beckinsale knows enough to “do one for them, and one for you”, i.e. switch up the paycheck with the indie cred. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that whatsoever, and in fact, you would have to be kind of an idiot to confine yourself exclusively to a narrow, barely-anyone-saw genre like indie films.

If Beckinsale’s Selene does return, that opens up a lot of possibilities for future “Underworld” storylines, considering the ending of “Underworld Evolution”. Whatever plot they decide to go with, one thing is for certain: “Underworld 4” will be landing in theaters in 3D.

Hello, boys. Miss me?

Hello, boys. Miss me?